Spring naar inhoud


Marjan is a very pleasant coach. She creates a time and space where emotions can just be. Nothing is unimportant. She is thoughtful and has an accessible manner of coaching. Her coaching has helped me understand my own behaviour and emotions, for which I’m very grateful.



Marjan is sincerely interested in the truth. Open, direct and lovingly she provides permission to explore your deepest doubts and desires.


Marjan has a fine balance between sensing what is happening inside the client, providing clear feedback and sensitivity in finding a (new) direction.


I have enjoyed my time with Marjan. I have learned so much about how to look at myself from different perspectives. Marjan puts me at ease and I was coached in a pleasant setting. Nothing has to happen, everything may happen, which makes the atmosphere pleasant. I can recommend her to anyone, especially when you don’t know what to do with your life or are just stuck somehow.