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About coaching

Both coaching and counselling is tailored to and focused on your needs and we work at your own pace. I support you in rediscovering your autonomy and confidence. My work is based on the Transactional Analysis (TA) and on Integrated Eyemovement Therapy (IEMT). In addition to this I use my knowledge of methods such as Nonviolent Communication (Rosenberg), systemic work (family constellations), Tantra and inspiration I have taken from The Work (Katie).


Coaching is…

You are confronted with something you don’t quite know how to deal with. Usually there is a concrete trigger like a conflict, a difficult life choice or a sudden change. I help you with addressing that dilemma. We explore what is blocking you and how to deal with it. Coaching is a short term path to self-fulfillment.


Counselling is …

Sometimes the things you’re confronted with have a cause in the past that requires more attention. This could be the case when something has been in your way for a longer period of time or when it affects more than one aspect of your life. In counselling we address those causes, how they affect you and what you can do with them. Together we will work on your autonomy so your thoughts, feelings and behaviour will be a response to what is happening in the present.



In a number of sessions we explore the needs and desires of you and your partner. What are the obstacles? How can you deal with them to reconnect with each other?  This can be done both individually or together. Individually because when one person reacts differently the dynamics in the relationship will change. Together if and when the both of you acknowledge you want to strengthen your relationship.


Coaching customized

Do you have a specific dilemma you would like to solve swiftly? In that case I can offer customized coaching in which we will work together for 1 or more days. This is possible both individually and for partners.



I offer standard and customized teamtraining on subjects as: conflictsolving, dealing with stress, burn out prevention, procrastination, communication. Please contact me if you want to know more.