Spring naar inhoud

About you

You are the master of your own thoughts and emotions even though this can feel difficult to you now. You can achieve personal autonomy and lead your life with confidence and energy. When that autonomy is (temporarily) unavailable, you feel confused, unhappy, unloved or weak. Your thoughts and emotions take over and you lose sight of your Self. When this happens it means that you need to focus on your Self. Who am I, where do I stand, where do I want to go? A moment of reflection and opportunity. Usually you will find your Self again.

This can be difficult at times, because of the pressure we put ourselves under. Instead of seeing a way out, we run around in circles. It feels unsolvable. This is where a conflict arises, either with ourselves or with others. This circle may become a downward spiral. You can feel trapped and lose confidence in yourself or others. You don’t need to!

As a coach I can help you to break free, to feel strong and confident again. You are, and have, the key to your life and happiness. I support you in regaining your strength and potential, help you get back on track.

My focus is on love, relationships and being single. Essentially my coaching is about loving yourself and how you perceive yourself. This defines how you look at others and situations. You do not have to change, neither do others. Your perspective will change and that will affect you, the situation and people around you. You become/are the fundamental that you can rely on.

In the coaching I can help you with:

  • dealing with yourself and others in a loving and constructive way
  • living with confidence and a sense of fulfillment
  • knowing, expressing and fulfilling your needs and desires
  • dealing with tension or change
  • constructive communication